Monday, July 26, 2010

Better late then never

Over the past 3 months...

Kate had her first Birthday party! she had so much fun and she LOVED her cake.

Mike and his dad built us a new fence and gate.
Seven Peaks Water Park for the Evans reunionHyrum City Parade

We went to Utah to visit all the fam for the 4 of July.

Kate took a big spill at the mall and cut her lip and gums bad, she also took her first trip to the E.R. where i nearly passed out from all the blood. Luckily she didn't need stitches and after x rays the dentist let us know her teeth were in fact not going to turn black or fall out.

We were totally star struck when we were walking around our hotel and ran into none other then actor Tim Robbins (from Shawshank redemption)! We totally talked to him and he wished me a happy birthday!At the top of the Santa Monica ferris wheel
For my 22nd birthday Mike took us down to Santa Monica for the weekend. We stayed in the Marriott right across from the beach, it was super fancy and we felt really cool, especially after rubbing elbows with the stars. We spent tons of time at the beach and that is exactly the way I wanted to spend my Birthday. It was definitely my best birthday so far. Thanks Mikey!


A&K said...

It is official that you win the hottest mom award. Please teach me how to have such a rockin post mom bod! You boggle my mind you look so dang good! and Kate is SO freaking cute. Im pretty bitter that I didnt get to see you guys in Utah. :(

Love and miss you so so much!

Spencer and Sara said...

ook update more often because i love your updates. you look great in the bikini. hehehehe. I miss you. come back soon. Love you.

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