Friday, October 29, 2010

Something is seriously wrong

...with me this Halloween.

Last night we snuggled up to watch a good scary movie, The Strangers. I've seen it before so I wasn't even scared to watch it. Then about half way through I got totally scared, wanted to turn it off but didn't, and was paralyzed with fear. After it ended I made Mike check all the closets, doors and under the beds!! He teased me until I was on the verge of tears. AND I change the channel as fast as i can every time the Paranormal Activity 2 commercial comes on.

This isn't me. I love scary. I love ANYTHING Halloween. I need to toughen up!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oak Glen

Last weekend we decided to take a trip up to Oak Glen, one of my favorite things to do in the month of October. Last year we went and dressed for a crisp fall day and we were DYING it was so hot so this year I wasn't going to make that mistake, I checked the weather report and it said low 70's. Perfect. We threw on shorts and t-shirts and headed up.... well I learned my lesson, Never trust the Internet. It was 42 degrees and freezing!! I had to buy a sweatshirt and Kate a hat and Mike just suffered through it. All the other people in parkas and mittens were looking at us like "what bad parents." Besides the weather (which would have been great if we were dressed appropriately) it was a blast! A petting zoo, pony rides,a pumpkin patch and candy, what more could you ask for?Even though we don't really get that fallish feeling here at least we have somewhere close that does.
petting zoo
Carmel apples, of course

Kate was so exhausted she feel right asleep on Mike's shoulders...but she didn't even think about letting go of that rock candy

Monday, October 11, 2010


... her new favorite word.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Laguna Beach

Fish and chips

We missed Mikey all weekend : (The beach was literally right under our balcony

The hotel sent up a tent and some smores so Kate could "camp" in our room

Kate made a bff at the pool. there was a staircase that went straight from the pool to the beach and the workers would set up chairs and bring us towels, it was awesome. Oh and the water was perfect which is so weird for October. Lucky us.

This weekend Mike had to go to Laguna for business and me and Kate got to tag along. He was busy all day so me and missy were on our own. We were lonely without Mike all weekend but the fancy hotel helped us forget : ) We spent a lot of time at the pool/beach , shopping, and eating. I fell in love with Laguna and am now trying to convince Mike we need to move there. I'll keep you posted... It was a great weekend and the best part was that it was free!