Friday, November 18, 2011

A Halloween to remember

Its taken me forever but I'm finally updating the blog with all the labor and delivery/baby details!

I woke up on Halloween morning and thought my water broke (or was leaking i should say), I called the doctors office and they told us to head to the hospital to get checked out since I was already dilated to a 3-4 at my last appointment. So we get to the hospital they check me out and my water was not broken but I was dilated to a 5, I figured oh of course they will keep me, wrong. They said that because I was only 37 weeks they couldn't start inducing me and my contractions were too far apart.

On our way home my doctor called me and said to walk around for a couple of hours and then come in and see if I had made any progress. after he check me I was almost a 6 and my contractions were getting closer but not painful at all. I asked if I could take Kate trick-or-treating and then go to the hospital once I was feeling my contractions because it was already like 4 o'clock and I figured I had a while anyway and there was no way I was completely missing Halloween. So he let me go and we headed over to my brothers for some dinner and trick-or-treating.

I was feeling great and I was so happy I got to see Kate trick or treat! On our way back to my brothers house BINGO! the contractions started to hurt and it was time to go. We got to the hospital around 10, I got my epidural, Mike took a little snooze and it was time to push.

Baby Reese arrived at 2:57 on 11-1-11(pictures to come). It was an easy delivery( 3 pushes) and the timing couldn't have been more perfect!

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Sara said...

you look awesome little momma. seriously- DID I NOT SAY SHE WOULD COME ON HALLOWEEN? I was only a few hours off. its nice that your babes come early so you never have to get too big and nasty hahaha. now im just waiting on pics of reese (awesome name btw) love you

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