Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reesey girl

She is 4 weeks old today and I cant believe how fast its gone by. I feel like she was just born, shes growing and changing so fast and shes such a doll. Her little legs and face are starting to fill out, its kind of sad that shes not such a newborn anymore but I also LOVE me a chubby baby! The nights are still pretty rough, any suggestions on how to get a baby to sleep at night? She always makes her little rose bud pouty lips which is my absolute favorite face a baby can make. As I was putting Kate to bed a few nights ago she said " I want baby Reese to stay. I don't want her to go back in your belly I love her." We all really love her around here.

My sister-in-law took these pictures when she was 4 days old and I love them! Shes so talented. Thanks Ainsley!


Noriko Anderson said...

Oh PAIGE!!! she is just adorable... want to see her so bad... Do you think you can come for christmas?

Lizzie said...

cute blog paige! i had no idea you moved until some a girl from the ward told me at the park. i can't believe you moved with a new baby. reese is beautiful and i love her name. you of course look gorgeous as always. take care.

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