Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Laguna Beach

Fish and chips

We missed Mikey all weekend : (The beach was literally right under our balcony

The hotel sent up a tent and some smores so Kate could "camp" in our room

Kate made a bff at the pool. there was a staircase that went straight from the pool to the beach and the workers would set up chairs and bring us towels, it was awesome. Oh and the water was perfect which is so weird for October. Lucky us.

This weekend Mike had to go to Laguna for business and me and Kate got to tag along. He was busy all day so me and missy were on our own. We were lonely without Mike all weekend but the fancy hotel helped us forget : ) We spent a lot of time at the pool/beach , shopping, and eating. I fell in love with Laguna and am now trying to convince Mike we need to move there. I'll keep you posted... It was a great weekend and the best part was that it was free!


Holly & Andrew said...

how funn! what hotel did you stay at? and what does your hubby do?

Spencer and Sara said...

love that it was all free. The tent in the hotel room is sweet

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