Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oak Glen

Last weekend we decided to take a trip up to Oak Glen, one of my favorite things to do in the month of October. Last year we went and dressed for a crisp fall day and we were DYING it was so hot so this year I wasn't going to make that mistake, I checked the weather report and it said low 70's. Perfect. We threw on shorts and t-shirts and headed up.... well I learned my lesson, Never trust the Internet. It was 42 degrees and freezing!! I had to buy a sweatshirt and Kate a hat and Mike just suffered through it. All the other people in parkas and mittens were looking at us like "what bad parents." Besides the weather (which would have been great if we were dressed appropriately) it was a blast! A petting zoo, pony rides,a pumpkin patch and candy, what more could you ask for?Even though we don't really get that fallish feeling here at least we have somewhere close that does.
petting zoo
Carmel apples, of course

Kate was so exhausted she feel right asleep on Mike's shoulders...but she didn't even think about letting go of that rock candy


Noriko Anderson said...

uh, first point... it might be cold in CA but it's SNOWING HERE!!
2nd... i love carmel apples, i might have to go get some...
and 3 kate is so cute!

A&K said...

Kate is soo DARLING! I laughed out loud at the part about ppl thinking you guys were "bad parents". I CAN NOT WAIT to see pictures of your Halloween Festivities, don't be stingy... I hope it is all well documented.


Sara said...

what the heck. i commented on this yesterday. yes that is right i came back to read the same post again. anyway the gist of it was kate not letting go of the rockcandy. and how she is cute. and how you look awesome like always.
i miss you.

Lu and Bran Muffin said...

i didn't know you had a blog!! YAY! so glad i found you! You're family so cute. i love and miss u paige!

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