Wednesday, October 19, 2011

36 weeks

I'm 36 weeks and feeling huge. I'm so excited and scared to death for the baby to come. I think Kates getting sick of us talking about the baby all the time and shes definitely sick of me not being able to do anything because of my big belly, but she also already talks about her like shes her best friend and how shes going to share all her toys with her and "hold her on the couch." I cant believe how soon she will be here!


Sara said...

I think I wanted the baby to be born on Halloween so in my mind I have just made that the due date. She still could be born on Halloween. P.S. You look really good

A&K said...

Just as I suspected.A hot pregnant Paigeling. HUGE? Pah-lease! You look too good to be 36 weeks. Jealous over here. But thank you for the quick response to my former post. I LOVE YOU! and that cute bebe in your belly.

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