Wednesday, October 12, 2011

worth every bite

... just a little something I have been craving lately.

...not any other form of pb& j, just these.

I look at the huge box every time we go to Costco and drool but never buy them.. but yesterday... I did it... and they were better then I could have ever imagined.


Courtney Morris said...

Best things ever. Remember those big cookies from Targhee I would always ask you to bring back? Thooose we're pretty good too.

A&K said...

Oh the cravings! Those do look really good though. I need to see some pics of you and your baby belly please!

Rolaynee said...

Paige, I just found a box of the pb&j in my freezer yesterday. I have not idea how they got there. Maybe Cailin's last visit. I'm still thinking of girl names for you.
Rolayne Edwards

Sara said...

Hahaha dude. Spencer and I bought the big box when we were going to school cause we would say it would save us time then making a sandwich. We ate like 50 of them in two days

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